NMD 200

Lab 3

List of changes I’d be interested in making to increase my brain skills:

  • Read more print books ~ ex. long term patience/focus
  • Free writing more ~ ex. creative output (vs consumption)
  • Researching topics I’m interesting in ~ ex. critical thinking
  • Journaling ~  ex. deeper, conceptual thinking
  • Get more fresh air, change surroundings ~ ex. long term patience/focus
  • Let myself be inspired/ do what inspires me ~ ex. creative output (vs consumption)

Inspiration: My two younger sisters 10 and 13.

Technology: iPhone

Title ideas:

  • The deadly iPhone
  • Benefits of the device that runs your life
  • your own personal mind control device
  • what would you do for an iPhone?
  • tech user is advised

-This 13 year old does not understand this information as well as you do. Explain it in a way that will make them understand versus getting bored or frustrated and giving up

-Find quotes that will make sense to the demographic.

-Use content that they will find appealing/interesting such as aesthetic and overall vibe of the video.

*disclaimer: I was in quarantine during this lab so this was done on my own at home vs in lab with a group*

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