NMD 211

Reading 3: The Case for Creative Coding

This article dives into creative coding and what its truly is. It helps a beginner truly understand the basics of creative coding and why it exists. It explores different concepts of what it may look like and where you can find it as well as providing interesting insights on how to begin your own creative coding journey. Below I have provided 3 questions that I would like to discuss pertaining to thee content of this article.

  1. Can hardcoding not be considered a form of creative coding?
  2. The article explains the many different forms of creative coding, how often do you think that we see creative coding everyday? (In any form?)
  3. Since there are many vast different ways for an individual to code creatively, how possible do you think it is to share codes or collaborate on creative coding projects in the large scale? Is it solely individual or more of a team sport?

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