NMD 200

Task 1

For my Logo I chose use edges and value the marginal. As a whole I believe this principle is important because as people it is so easy for us to get lost. In nature it’s important to value what is around you and to respect your environment and not take advantage of it. Find the beauty in your backyard and the various forms of nature around you everyday. In tech and social media it is easy for us to get lost down a rabbit hole of fake news or biased media. It is important to read in between the lines and do your own research of the topics that are polluting your media pages. In my logo I included various lines corners and edges and I colored them in to make them pop and build sort of an outline. But the lines and colors aren’t the only important part of the logo it is the negative space in between the lines as well. Learn to value the margins and appreciate what’s around you as well.

One sentence description: Read in between the lines to find the beauty.

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