NMD 200

Task 7

My product idea is a line of “smart” yoga equipment designed to promote and increase positive mental health, physical health and just general wellbeing called “Breath”. This would be a line so it would have multiple products including a yoga mat, yoga strap, yoga block and a new invention I call the “breath board”. The breath board would be the center of this line of products, it would be a small board that looks almost like a scale that the user would sit on to meditate. At the center of all these products is the breath app, the products are equipped with technology to count reps, take vitals, send positive vibrations to the user etc. All of that information is funneled and stored into the app, with the app you can track progress, get detailed exercise and meal plans etc. This is similar to exercise equipment brands such as peloton and tonal. These brands have personalized classes and apps to help the users physical health. What I was aiming for with breath is a step beyond just physical health, yoga can aide in so many ways beyond just physical, it repairs and strengthens bone structure, sharpens the brain and has an amazing affect on mental health. 

        This product would focus on the emotional well being of the user and the emotional aspect of humane tech. Yoga is a practice that is traditionally non digital. Dating back thousands of years yoga was a practice created to connect ones mind to their deeper selves and make meaningful connections with their past, present and the earth. The mission of breath is not to use technology to disturb that peace and connection but rather use it to deepen the connection and be able to build off the progress the individual made. One of my favorite aspects of the breath line would be the positive vibrations. The two products in which the user centers their body on, the board and the yoga mat, would be equipped with a “vibration” that would be sent through the equipment that boosts the users motivation and connection with their practice. This vibration would increase endorphins and send a positive message to the brain actively increasing the users mental health. Aside from these vibrations the practice of yoga as as whole increases mental health as explained earlier and the technology would only help aide in the process with a platform to track progress and send encouraging messages and build a community which is proven to help increase ones mental health.

       This company would most certainly be a B corporation and be focused on the well being of their employees. Yoga is a practice that helps give back to the world and make a positive impact on the environment. This product would be made with the environment in mind. That means the manufacturing would have a goal of decreasing its carbon footprint and carbon emissions at all costs. All employees would be treated equally and compensated fairly. This product would be giving back to the world by encouraging users to do the same. Through the practice promoted by breath, users will focus on mediations about the environment and making a lasting impact on the world. With healthier cleaner minds we will be able to achieve much more positive outcomes in our lifetime. 

       It is understood that yoga is not for everyone. I believe if everyone gave it a shot, it would be able to make a positive impact on anyone who tried it. However its something that some people find too weird and outlandish and will never be able to make a connection with the head and the heart that way. Breath is designed to make a positive impact on whoever is using it and in a way yoga is a teaching practice. It teaches a deeper connection to ones self and the environment and It encourages people to make a change. Through seminars and yoga classes provided by breath as well as daily letters and personalized meditations the program will be able to produce healthy minded people with a motivation to make a change. If you are not using breath yourself you will at least be surround by more and more people willing to go out and teach their learning and make a positive impact themselves which ultimately affects you and your environment. If we can’t get everyone to make a change we can at least start some movements. 

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