NMD 200

Task 9

This is a meme about body dysmorphia. Many people in my life including myself struggle with body dysmorphia. Although people may think it would help to be able to laugh about it, memes such as the one above are very hurtful and sometime can even trigger the disorder even more. There are ways of going about body dysmorphia and social media one is the example I made below correcting the current meme so it’s not as hurtful.

In the above meme I have edited it to be less triggering for people with BDD. The top quotes “Me not being able to take a compliment” addressing one of the issues of BDD and the bottom states “All the compliments people have for me anyway”. This keeps the content humorous but not harmful. Stating that people have a lot of compliments for you is a self esteem booster even though it may bee hard to accept.

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